Dynamic DNS (DDNS) server software

Run your own Dynamic DNS (DDNS) server

  MintDNS Enterprise is a top tier Dynamic DNS Server suite. Every day millions of security devices depend on MintDNS for all of their DDNS needs.

 With native support for both dynamic and static DNS, and with built in support for many standard update protocols, MintDNS provides out of the box support for most existing DDNS clients and tons of hardware-firmware clients (Any or No-IP compatible update client).

This allows your company to provide a time tested DDNS service to most all internet connected computers, routers, firewalls, smart phones, or even remote cameras and DVR's.

The server software is also completely template based, so the look and feel of your DNS service can easily be changed to match your existing website and be easily modified to suit your specific design requirements.

With load balanced servers and a replicated SQL configuration, your DDNS service becomes an "add server" solution ("Outgrown your setup? Just add another server"). The sky is truly the limit!

A Robust and Scalable solution

 With our unique system, you will be able to run your own enterprise level Dynamic DNS service and give your users or devices the ability to create and manage unlimited DNS records. You will also be able to offer the internet community Dynamic VPN gateway services, and the ability to do just about anything a person with a static IP address could do with his or her computer.

 The only real limits are the amount of server resources you dedicate to your service.

 Fully NLB/Cluster compatible. Our DDNS features automated DNS and database failover. With load balanced servers and a P2P SQL configuration, your DDNS becomes an "add server" solution ("Outgrown your setup? Just add another server"). The sky is truly the limit!

 You can control all aspects of your distributed system instantly with a click of the mouse.

 Does your organization require support for a proprietary DDNS client? Support, for just about any device, can be added by our team in 10-15 minutes time. With our advanced ISAPI, no changes are required within the client application itself. Yes, we can completely clone any existing protocols with no need for firmware changes!

 In the past, the only way to run your own DNS service was to write your own server and client applications. That time has passed, and it has never been easier or faster to setup and operate a reliable, time tested

Enterprise DDNS Server Software


  • One time $499.99 license fee
  • Runs on Microsoft Windows Server
  • Instant DNS resolution, and updates
  • Unlimited DNS hostnames
  • Intelligent anti spam utilities
  • Native DDNS client software
  • Easily replaces any previously fielded services
  • Supports any enabled device
  • Advanced administrative interface
  • Certified network technicians on staff
  • Free server configuration and setup services
  • Unlimited technical support
  • 24x7 support and maintenance

Trusted by Industry Leaders

MIntDNS is trusted by many of the world's leading security device manufacturers and suppliers. Everyday our systems cumulatively serve millions of DNS lookups, and process millions of real-time DNS updates as well.

MintDNS Purchase

Please use the form below to purchase MintDNS.

 We suggest you fully evaluate MintDNS before making your purchase. If you have not already done so, please contact our team to fully evaulate the MintDNS server suite before making your purchase. There is never a fee to test MintDNS on your own server hardware, and its 100% risk free as well.

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