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Dynamic DNS (DDNS)

The Domain Name System (DNS) provides the mechanism for translating internet domain names into numeric Internet Protocol (IP) addresses. The DNS makes using TCP/IP-based applications much more friendly, by routing users to specific network locations by name rather than by number.

 Dynamic DNS, DDNS or DynDNS is a method of automatically updating a DNS server in real time when a devices IP address changes. DynDNS can circumvent the need for a dedicated or static IP address.

  Most IP addresses are subject to change or dynamic, and having a dynamic IP can be a lot like having to change your phone number every day. If you needed to connect to a device over the internet, you would have no way of knowing its current number. DDNS works much like an old style phone operator by directing internet users to an appropriate internet connected device, despite the fact that the devices number may be constantly changing.

If you would like more information, you can view Wikipedia's definition.

The MintDNS Dynamic DNS Server Application

MintDNS Enterprise DDNS Box Logo.MintDNS is a .NET dynamic DNS server application written in a combination of C++ and C#. It is also the engine powering many of the world's busiest dynamic DNS servers. Every day millions of devices depend on MintDNS for all of their Dynamic DNS needs. With native support for both dynamic and static DNS, and with built in support for many standard update protocols, MintDNS provides out of the box support for many existing update clients and many hardware-firmware clients (Any or No-IP compatible DDNS client). This allows your company to provide a time tested DynDNS service to most all internet connected computers, routers, firewalls, smart phones, or even remote cameras and DVR's. The server software is also completely template based, so the look and feel of your DynDNS service can easily be changed to match your existing website and be easily modified to suit your specific design requirements. With load balanced servers and a replicated SQL configuration, your DDNS service becomes an "add server" solution ("Outgrown your setup? Just add another server"). The sky is truly the limit!

Custom Development

Our dedicated team developed many of the world's leading dynamic DNS services. In fact if you have ever owned a Q-See, Night-Owl, ADT Asia or Swann ip camera or DVR you have likely fallen under the umbrella of our service at some point. It's estimated that MintDNS and its sister product CitronDNS provide dynamic DNS services to some 15-20% of the worlds IP cameras and DVR's. The server software is almost completely open sourced, and completely template based as well. This allows you to easily brand the software and expand on the existing system to meet any special needs your company may have. Having an established, time tested platform to build on can save weeks if not months of development time. Our powerful ISS ISAPI allows you to easily add support for any existing protocol, so if you are replacing an existing DDNS service, then no changes are required on your previously fielded devices. With thousands of installations running in the real world, you can rest assured that MintDNS will more than meet your performance expectations.

Security Appliance Manufacturers

Dynamic DNS is an expected feature, or even requirement for most security cameras and DVR's. There's only so many Internet Protocol (IP) addresses out there, at least as far as the computer is concerned. (Basically, each of the four parts in the address can only be between 0 and 255). Old design decisions limit the theoretical number of IP addresses even more. So, not everyone can have their own dedicated IP address. Many internet service providers offer dedicated IP addresses, but they also charge extra for them. The MintDNS server suite is the product of more than 20 years of real world experience, and it quickly and efficiently eliminates a device's need for a dedicated or static IP address. The server software also features intelligent anti abuse utilities and with advanced domain name monitoring options, your end users can receive automated alerts any time a device is offline or unreachable.


  • Real-time domain monitor
  • Instant DNS resolution
  • Intelligent anti spam utilities
  • Native DDNS client software
  • Unlimited user base sizes
  • Real-time DNS updates
  • Easily replace previously fielded services
  • Advanced administrative interface
  • Runs on your own hardware
  • Free lifetime setup services
  • 24x7 support and maintenance

Run your own DDNS Server Today!

 It has never been easier for your company to run its own standalone dynamic DNS server. Our award winning server software can be deployed on your own server hardware or hosted and fully managed at one of our three, tier 4 datacenters in Texas, Kentucky and Florida.

 Contact our team today to begin your risk free testing period. You don't pay unless our server software is everything your company expects and needs. You can also test the software for as long as your company requires. Our dedicated team can install the DynDNS server on your own hardware, or you can test on one of our robust cloud based servers.

 We integrate honesty, integrity and business ethics into all aspects of our business, and there is never a fee to fully evaluate one of our standalone DDNS server installations.

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