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Dynamic DNS (DDNS) Services

The Domain Name System (DNS) provides the mechanism for translating internet domain names into numeric Internet Protocol (IP) addresses. The DNS makes using TCP/IP-based applications much more friendly, by enabling users to specify networkHow a DNS request gets handled locations by name rather than number.

The Internet Corporation For Assigned Names and Numbers or ICANN is responsible for managing and coordinating the DNS to ensure universal redundancy. ICANN is the global, non-profit, private-sector coordinating body acting in the public interest. ICANN ensures that the DNS continues to function effectively by overseeing the distribution of unique domain names. Among its other responsibilities, ICANN oversees the processes and systems that ensure that each domain name maps to the correct IP address.

At the core of the DNS are computers, root servers to be exact. They are coordinated by Internet Corporation of Assigned Names and Numbers. These servers provide resolution for Top Level Domains TLD's. In an Internet address such as, the .com part is known as a Top Level Domain, or TLD. The root servers contain all the Top Level Domain registries, the global registries such as .net, .org, etc. and the location specific registries such as .ca (Canada).

The root servers store Name Server information for a Top Level Domain Name TLD. When an internet address such as is queried, the root servers will return the Authoritative Name Servers IP addresses for In turn, the resolving DNS Server will query the Authoritative Name Server to determine an Internet Protocol/IP address for, and in turn pass this information on to the end user.


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List of DNS Server Software
ISC BIND Windows / UNIX GPL BIND (Berkeley Internet Name Server)
POWER DNS UNIX GPL Open Source DNS server covered by the GPL, support is offered on a contract basis.
NSD UNIX GPL An authoritative only, high performance, simple and open source name server.
MaraDNS UNIX GPL MaraDNS was created in response to issues people had with the DNS servers available in early 2001, and boasts extremely effective security
MS-DNS Windows COMMERCIAL Microsoft DNS server which ships with all the Microsoft Server operating systems.
SIMPLE-DNS Windows COMMERCIAL Simple DNS Plus provides an intuitive graphical interface for zone and record management. It automatically checks for and corrects most errors.


List of Secondary DNS Providers
BuddyNS ALL FREE #1 Recommendation.
These guys only do one thing but they do it very well! This is fastest-to-synchronize secondary DNS service on the Internet!
BACKUPDNS ALL COMMERCIAL Inexpensive secondary DNS hosting
DYNDNS.ORG ALL COMMERCIAL When failure is not an option, you can count on Dynamic Network Services, Inc
SECURITYSPACE ALL COMMERCIAL Secure, reliable and affordable DNS service.
WORLDWIDEDNS ALL COMMERCIAL Bulk Primary DNS services, Secondary DNS services.


List of Dynamic DNS (DDNS) Providers
MYQ-SEE ALL FREE This Free DDNS hosting service is provided for the Q-See brand of DVR's and IP cameras.
MYFREEIP ALL FREE Simple, free and very reliable. One of the very best and my personal favorite. Free 30 hostnames with optional 24x7 free domain monitoring.
NO-IP.COM ALL BOTH is one of the top 250 most visited dynamic DNS providers.
ZONEEDIT ALL FREE The industry standard in internet domain name management.
ThatIP ALL COMMERCIAL ThatIP dynamic DNS service gives your computer a friendly name on the Internet, no matter how often your dynamic IP address changes.
Oracle Dyn ALL BOTH World-class DNS hosting and management services.
EASYDNS ALL COMMERCIAL Dynamic DNS Hosting, domain name management and registration.
CHANGEIP ALL COMMERCIAL has the Dynamic DNS infrastructure with the flexibility that you need.
DHS ALL FREE DHS International is a provider of services to the Internet community, ranging from domain names to web redirection and other services.
DNSEXIT ALL FREE Provides free DNS Services to business and internet users.
DNSMADEEASY ALL FREE With years of experience, wholesale prices, and 100% up-time history, DNS Made Easy is the #1 choice for companies that need email or DNS services.
DYNU ALL FREE Provides 100% free dynamic DNS service for third level and top level domain names with no restrictions on number of records or domain names.
DYNIP ALL COMMERCIAL One of the very first DNS services ever. Confused about static vs. dynamic IP addresses? Find out how DynIP can help you get more from your Internet connection.
DYNNS ALL BOTH provide a number of free and premium DNS related services for home or office use.
AFRAID.ORG ALL FREE Hosts even work for your LAN! If you have a LAN connected to the internet you can point hosts to private IP addresses (even private IPv6 addresses) and they will work within your network.
ULTRADNS ALL COMMERCIAL UltraDNS™ Corporation, the leading provider of Managed DNS Services, creates and powers technology solutions that enhance the reliability, scalability and performance of the world's largest and most highly available networks, including that of Microsoft, Oracle and the .org Top Level Domain root infrastructure.
DNSMAX ALL COMMERCIAL Managed DNS and Dynamic DNS for the Enterprise.


Web Based Dynamic DNS (DDNS) Server Software
MINTDNS Windows Server COMMERCIAL A complete, modern, super robust DDNS server suite for Windows Servers.
GNUDIP UNIX GPL It provides client machines with a static DNS name even if their IP address is dynamically assigned.